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The Red Solstice 3.50 update. New sectors, new skills, UI updates

The Red Solstice is nearing the end of it's Early Access phase and is nearing a full release. After spending a week at the Reboot Develop conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where we gathered feedback from some of the veterans of the industry, and making final arrangements with our publisher Nkidu games, we are confident we can do it (if we put off nonessential tasks such as sleeping for a few months).

Work on the singleplayer campaign is continuing at full speed with most of the essential systems already in place and mission design itself being revised and polished based on internal testers feedback. In the upcoming weeks we expect that more of you who have supported us so far will get the opportunity run through at least parts of the singleplayer experience and help us make it even better with your insights and feedback.

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